SolidSolid body electric violin Body Electric Violin Design
Great for no feedback,when played with other amplified instruments. Totally hand made by Craig Walker. Your choice of 4 or 5 strings, materials,neck width and thickness, electronics, colors, sound effect peddles, wireless systems, monograms. Prices start at $775.00. Please inquire. Violin shown in picture is made of Birch and has a durable Textured French Vanilla Lacquer finsh. It is set-up with Barcus Berry Electronic bridge pick-up with 1/4 female jack. Just plug into amp and play. You can practice playing without plugging in and can still hear yourself slightly without disturbing others or plug in headphones into one of our amplifiers and play near silently to others while cranking up the amp into the headphones as loud as you desire. Ebony chin rest, fingerboard and end pin. Geared tuners and composite tailpiece with built in fine tuners make it a pleasure to tune up. It is set-up with D’Addario Helicore strings and has a excellent tone. Notes in all ranges ring out clear and distinct. I really enjoy playing mine. Price for violin as pictured $775.00 Outfit including SKB Sculptured hardshell case and Brazilwood bow with horsehair can be purchased for $850.00 Amplifiers with headphone jacks start at just $45 for 10 Watt or$175 for 40 Watt 2 Channel with reverb/ chorus control/ effects loop and line out to integrate with a mixing board.
Price: $775.00

Design Your Own Electric Violin
Design your own solid body electric violin. Deliver ore-mail a sketch with dimensions or let me help you with acceptable design factors. Select choice of materials. I will build your custom dream violin.
Prices start at $1075.00

DSCF0002Custom Electric Texas Bluebonnet Special                                                                                                                                                    Built for a local professional musician. Asked for black varnish with all black fittings( except for the Bluebonnet tailpiece) with the  electronics mostly hidden with a volume control mounted in the side. LR Baggs pick up.  Result is a excellent sounding violin played in acoustic or electric mode. Made from quality European aged wood. Let me build something to your requirements. Prices $1800+