Customer L.A., Purchaser of German violin made about 1920:
I reworked this violin including retuning bass bar and adding corner blocks to focus the tone.

“I really like this violin-the tone you said was “nice” is far better than that. From its appearance, I had expected a louder, harsher tone for use as a backup for fiddling contests, but this one will get far more actual use…. It has just the pure, soothing tone I have been looking for. It has the sweetest tone I have found in over 70 violins I’ve owned, some of them worth mega thousands….. It will get lots of playing time…” (abbreviated for clients privacy).

“Thank you very much for your time and expertise in helping me purchase a new fiddle. I appreciate you taking your time to make adjustments and explain all the processes. Also, thank you for letting me borrow it for a week to compare to others around town and for being understanding of all my many questions. I feel I made a well informed decision and I am extremely pleased with my new fiddle. It was a pleasure doing business with you. A very happy customer”
Jennifer D. Austin Texas.