Kun Collapsible Shoulder Rest 4/4 Size
Kun Violin Shoulder Rest
These are original made in Canada Kun shoulder rest not cheap imitations sold as “Kun Style”. These are made in Canada and are made out of quality materials. These are highly recommended by teachers to help the student properly hold the violin. They free up the left hand for ease in movement.Th Kun shoulder rest are also used by professionals. The Kun collapsible rest folds up for easy storage in most cases. They are fully adjustable for different neck heights. List price $42.50
Price: $24.99

Kun Collapsible Shoulder Rest 1/2-3/4 size.
Same as full size except made to fit both 1/2 and 3/4 size violins. List price $40.95
Price: $22.99

Kun Collapsible Shoulder Rest Mini 1/16-1/4 size
Same as full size but adjustable for sizes 1/16-1/4 size. List price $33.00.
Price: $19.99

Heritage Delxe Violin Case Full Size
Heritage Deluxe Violin Case
Heritage Deluxe Hardshell violin case with large storage compartment inside. Black exterior with choice of Red or Blue interior with matching blanket.   Has Nylon canvas cover over a protective wooden shell. Full length zipper exterior  music pocket. Includes hygrometer, 4 bow holders,string tube and adjustable shoulder strap. My most popular case.  List price $180 
Price: $99.99

Inetelli Metronome/Tuner
IMT-301 Metronome/TunerPrice $45.00

David Gage “Realist” Violin Pick-up
Top Rated Violin electric pick-up.Just slide it under your existing bridge and attach the small jack assembly that accepts a standard 1/4″ plug onto the side of your violin. You do this just like you install a chin rest. A small tightening tool and instructions come with the pick-up.You can have a great sounding electric violin in ten minutes.I will install it for you free with purchase.
Price: $169.00