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Instrument Restoration & Repairs


Here at Craig’s Violins we do minor and major repairs of stringed instruments. Our repairs include things like fitting new bridges, pegs, nuts, saddles end pins. Crack repairs and varnish touch up. Sound adjustments to bridges and sound post. Gluing open seams, fingerboard replacement and resurfacing. Resetting necks. Bow repairing, grip and tip replacement. The violin pictured was repaired quickly so that it could continue to be filmed played by Billy Bob Thornton in the movie, “The Alamo”. It had been stepped on and crushed on the movie set. The scroll was completely broken off and there were cracks in the top and back.

Before & After photos of The Alamo violin:

Before Repairs

After Repairs


We also restore antique violins, violas and cellos. We strive to maintain the original varnish and integrity of the instrument.

Hardinger fiddle before restoration

Hardinger repaired

Hardinger closeup