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Vintage Violins $2500 and Up

Josefa Lidia Czech Full Size Violin. Excellent powerful tone. Set up with Evan Pirazzi Gold strings. Golden yellow varnish.
Price: $5100.

Violin Labeled ; Andrea Amati Cremonensis , 1557
Andrea Amati CremonensisAndrea Amati Cremonensis back

Violin Labeled ; Andrea Amati Cremonensis 1557. German violin made 1800-1850. The varnish is dark brown to red- brown in color over a golden ground.  Set up with Dominant strings. Great open- powerful tone to fill a concert hall. With written Appraisal from Peter W. Shaw Houston, Tx.
Price $3600 

  Vintage  violin , small full size. Labeled Joannes Jats 1777. Grafted neck. Played by a symphony violinist in the U.S. set up with Rosewood fittings, Wittner fine tune pegs. Pirastro Evah strings .$3900

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