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Lessons & Rentals


I have a few openings for violin or viola students. No additional weekend lessons are available at this time. Lessons are 45 minutes once a week for ages 8+, 30 minutes for younger students. I teach children and adults ages 5-85+ call Craig 512-797-9155 for rates & further details. I can recommend other teachers if you need alternate times than when I am available. We have a excellent Cello Teacher- Jamie Hungerford who has a studio at our location. His # is 616-644-7079.


Violins may be rented on a rent to own basis starting at $20.00 a month, requiring a $20.00 or more deposit at time instrument is picked up. 50% of the rental credit may be applied toward the purchase of the instrument if the rental account is current and in good standing. If the instrument is a fractional size it may be exchanged for a larger one at any time. An equal quality instrument can be rented for the same cost, if available.

Payment can be made by credit card, auto bill pay or an invoice can be mailed each month and the payment will be due within 10 days of receipt of customer’s invoice. All rentals come with a case & bow. There are no additonal set-up fees. Violas and Cellos are available for rental in most sizes.

Violas start out at $22 a month with $25.00 deposit and Cellos start out at $30.00 a month with a $50.00 deposit. The deposit will be returned if the instrument is returned before the rental credit pays for the instrument & the instrument is in good condition.

We have had good success with our renters and trust that parents will see to it that the instruments are handled carefully by children. In the event that major damage occurs to the instrument, the renter agrees to pay the normal price for repairs, but not to exceed the retail value of the instrument. In the event the instrument is lost or stolen or destroyed in a tragedy the renter agrees to notify Craig’s Violins immediately. If payment has not been made for 60 days the return of the instrument will be pursued to the furthest extent of the law.