Currently in stock 2 Eastman model 80 1/2 size Basses.  Gently used outfits including bow, bog, rosin & rock stop. $1200 & $1250 Rent $45 monthly. In stock a Johannes Kohr  1/2 size bass.  with bow, bag, rosin & rock stop. Adjustable bridge.
List price new $2200 bass only. Our Price for this used outfit $1200  Rental $45 monthly. __________________________________________________________ New Jocelyn 3/4 carved bass with adjustable bridge. Call for great price. 

Christopher DB102 T 3/4 bass slightly used in stock. List  new $2235  price $1750 Samuel Shen SB 88 and other basses available by special order. 

I can customize the set up of your bass for Orchestral or Jazz playing. Let me know your preference. 

Eastman basses.
Check them out at Call me for best price!!! 512-797-9155